The Life of Richard Mann

Richard Mann’s father is an architect and his mother is a dress designer. His mother had been a great influence in his life. From his young days his mother took him to and from school. She always told him that he must go to a university so Richard studied and passed all his exams. He got a place in Cambridge University. His mother selected a course in Computer Studies for him. She told him that computer was going to be the most important equipment in business.

After one term, Richard was unhappy. He was doing badly. He dropped out and went to work with a gardener he worked as a laborer, digging and planting.

Richard enjoyed watching the plants grow and do well. He decided that he was going to work with plants. He went back to the university and studied Agricultural Science. Today Richard Mann is a landscape gardener and a tree surgeon. He is doing a job that he loves. Not only does he design  the landscape. He specializes in planting full grown trees.

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