How to Make a Cheese Omelet

Have you ever eaten a cheese omelet? Do you know how to make a Cheese Omelet? No? Would you like me to tell it for you? Okay. This is the way. Listen to me.

            To make a Cheese Omelet, you should prepare ingredients such as one egg, 50 grams of cheese, uhm… ¼ cups of milk, three tablespoons of cooking oil, uhm…what else ….? Oh, yeah, a pinch of salt and don’t forget some pepper.

Now, to make a Cheese Omelet, you will need some kitchen utensils like a frying pan, a fork, a whisk, a spatula, uhm….. a cheese grater …and a bowl and of course ….a plate. Okay? Are you following me? Right! Let me tell you how to make it.

            First, crack an egg into a bowl like this. Then whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth. After that, add some milk and whisk well. Grate the cheese into the bowl and stir. Next, heat the oil in a frying pan, and pour the mixture into the frying pan. Then, turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns. See, like this. Okay, next cook both sides. After the omelet is done, place it on a plate, don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper and you can eat it while warm. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Bon appetite!


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