Original Soundtrack of Brownies

Bisa Saja was chosen as the first single of the album and the theme song of Brownies because the lyrics reflect the story in the movie. Budjana of GIGI demonstrates his skill in playing an accoustic guitar in Cinta Terakhir. Three other brand new songs, Dilema, Jangan Bilang Pacarku, and Semua Orang Berhak Mendapat Rasa Bahagia, give supporting nuances to the flow of the movie. GIGI composed them by imagining how the scenes would look like based on the screenplay.

When Hanung Bramantyo (the director) and Dewa Budjana of GIGI chatted, Budjana expressed his interest in making a soundtrack album. Then, he recommended a few GIGI songs, which the producer accepted because of the chemistry they created with the movie.

Since GIGI could provide a variety of colors to add all kinds of musical nuances to enrich the movie, the producers deemed it unnecessary to find other musicians to complete the original soundtrack of Brownies.

Armand Maulana (vocalist), I Gede Dewa Budjana (guitarist), Thomas Ramadhan (bass player), and Gusti Erhandy (drums-stand-in player for Budhi Haryono) put a lot of effort into this album. As a result, they’e created a perfect blend of movie and songs that makes Brownies tastier.

It’s always fun to have a piece of brownies in your mouth but having it on your stereo is more entertaining. No movie is perfect without a musical score and Ost. of  Brownies has proved it excellently.


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