Spatial planning education campaign launched

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Jakarta | Fri, July 27 2012, 8:38 AM
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Why do sidewalks in Kemang, South Jakarta, only have a width of 1 meter? Why is there a four-story house in my neighborhood that blocks the sunlight to my own house? Why is there a 24-hour minimarket next to my house? These are some of the questions related to city spatial planning that Jakartans may have in mind.

To inform ordinary citizens about spatial planning in Jakarta, on Wednesday the Rujak Center for Urban Studies (RCUS) launched booklets and a video which are aimed at doing just that.

The 68-page booklet, entitled Tata Ruang Untuk Kita (City Spatial Planning For Us), contains relevant information, such as the definition of city spatial planning and things that residents can do to improve it.

“We want the city’s residents to know more about city spatial planning … spatial planning can only work properly when all the stakeholders have enough information,” Elisa Sutanudjaja, program director of the urban study group, said at the Goethe Institute, Menteng, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The booklet is written in plain Indonesian language, and includes colorful illustrations and photos to make learning about city spatial planning less daunting for ordinary citizens. It also contains laws on city spatial planning so that readers can educate themselves about their rights to participate in city spatial planning and become more aware whenever violations occur.

RCUS has initially printed 2,000 copies of the book, which are available for free. “We will distribute the books to other NGOs and academic institutions,” Elisa said.

In order to reach a wider audience, RCUS also produced a 10-minute-long video, showing basic information regarding city spatial planning.

The video, also entitled City Planning For Us, can be viewed on YouTube and the RCUS website starting next week.

“After the Ramadhan fasting month ends in August, we will work together with P2B and the National Development Planning Board [Bappenas] to conduct courses on city spatial planning for the heads of subdistricts throughout the city.” (han)

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