110104-Mengenal Analytical Exposition Text

Pernahkah kamu membaca kalimat atau tulisan yang berisi tentang opini (pendapat)? Misalnya seperti kalimat berikut:

“Do you agree that music is important in our life?

Yes I do, music has certain role completing our day to day activities.”

Dalam bahasa Inggris, kalimat itu termasuk sebagai analytical exposition. Nah, untuk tahu apa pengertian dan bagaimana penggunaannya, langsung aja kita bahas apa itu analytical exposition.

Analytical Exposition Text

Analytical Exposition is a text that elaborates the writer’s opinion on phenomena issues without persuading the readers to do something. This text will only persuade the readers that the phenomena issues are important worth it to be discussed by providing the arguments opinions to support the topic.

Dari pengertian di atas, kita bisa tahu kalau analytical exposition text berisi pemikiran penulis tentang hal-hal yang terjadi di sekitarnya, baik benda, kejadian, ataupun tempat. Teks ini termasuk dalam argumentative text karena menunjukkan suatu pendapat (argumen) terhadap sesuatu. Fungsi sosialnya adalah untuk meyakinkan pembaca bahwa topik yang dihadirkan adalah topik yang penting untuk dibahas. Kamu perlu ingat, kalau analytical exposition text tidak berusaha untuk mengubah sudut pandang pembacanya. Teks ini murni hanya berisi pendapat penulis.

Struktur analytical exposition text

Terus, kalau aku mau buat analytical exposition text, gimana caranya?

Tenang. Sekarang kita akan membahas bagian apa saja yang membentuk analytical exposition text. Analytical exposition text terdiri dari:

  1. Thesis

Pada bagian thesis ini, penulis harus memberitahu pembaca tentang topik utama yang akan ditulisnya. Thesis selalu bisa kamu temukan di paragraf pertama teks. Di bagian ini, pembaca juga bisa melihat mengapa penulis memberikan pendapat terhadap hal yang menjadi topiknya.

  1. Arguments

Di paragraf selanjutnya, kamu bisa menemukan bagian arguments. Penulis akan menuliskan pendapat untuk mendukung topik utama yang telah disampaikan sebelumnya. Biasanya dalam analytical exposition terdapat lebih dari dua argumen. Semakin banyak argumen yang ditampilkan, pembaca akan semakin percaya bahwa topik yang dibahas adalah topik yang penting atau membutuhkan perhatian.

  1. Reiteration/Conclusion

Bagian ini selalu terletak di akhir teks dan menjadi paragraf penutup tulisan. Reiteration berisi penegasan kembali posisi dan pendapat penulis terhadap topik utama.

Kaidah Kebahasaan

Selain struktur, kamu juga harus tahu tentang language features dalam penulisan analytical exposition text. Kaidah kebahasaannya adalah sebagai berikut berikut:

  • Penulisan analytical exposition text menggunakan simple present tense.
  • Menggunakan kata-kata yang mengekspresikan pikiran atau perasaan penulis, contohnya: experience, feel, know, realize, sense, think, dll.
  • Menggunakan internal conjunction yaitu kata penghubung yang menghubungkan argumen di antara dua klausula. Internal conjunctions dapat dibagi menjadi empat kategori, yaitu (1) addition (penambahan), contohnya; besides, in addition, further. (2) comparisons (perbandingan), seperti; but, vice versa, meanwhile, on the other hand. (3) time (waktu), misalnya kata; second, then, next. (4) cause-effect (akibat). contoh katanya antara lain; consequence, as a result, so, the result.
  • Menggunakan causal conjunctions (reason–why) atau sebab-akibat. Misalnya kata; as a result, because, by, consequently, despite, due to, for that reason, dll.

Perhatikan dua contoh Teks Analytical Exposition berikut:

Cars should be banned in the city

Cars should be banned in the city. As we all know, cars create pollution, and cause a lot of road deaths and other accidents.

Firstly, cars, as we all know, contribute to most of the pollution in the world. Cars emit a deadly gas that causes illnesses such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and ‘triggers’ of asthma. Some of these illnesses are so bad that people can die from them.

Secondly, the city is very busy. Pedestrians wander everywhere and cars commonly hit pedestrians in the city, which causes them to die. Cars today are our roads biggest killers.

Thirdly, cars are very noisy. If you live in the city, you may find it hard to sleep at night, or concentrate on your homework, and especially talk to someone.

In conclusion, cars should be banned from the city for the reasons listed.

Is Smoking Good for Us?

Before we are going to smoke, it is better to look at the fact. About 50 thousands people die every year in Britain as direct result of smoking. This is seven times as many as die in road accidents. Nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by smoking.

Ninety percent of lung cancers are caused by smoking. If we smoke five cigarettes a day, we are six times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non smoker. If we smoke twenty cigarettes a day, the risk is nineteen greater. Ninety five percent of people who suffer of bronchitis are people who are smoking. Smokers are two and half times more likely to die of heart disease than non smokers.

Additionally, children of smoker are more likely to develop bronchitis and pneumonia. In one hour in smoky room, non smoker breathes as much as substance causing cancer as if he had smoked fifteen cigarettes.

Smoking is really good for tobacco companies because they do make much money from smoking habit. Smoking however is not good for everybody else.


110209-Hortatory Exposition Text ; Definition, Generic Structures, Purposes, Language Features

Definition of Hortatory Exposition

As Analytical Exposition Text, Hortatory Exposition Text is a kind of English text that belongs to the argumentative text . Hortatory Exposition is a type of English text which represents the author’s attempt to influence the reader to do something or act in a particular way. In Hortatory Exposition Text, the authors give some opinions about certain things to reinforce the main idea of the text.

Unlike Analytical Exposition Text, Hortatory Exposition Text presents Recommendation in the end of paragraph of Hortatory Exposition Text. In this Recommendation, the author tries to invite and persuade the reader to do something. This is very different from the Analytical Exposition which puts Reiteration or rewrites the main idea of a text as the closing of the text without invitation or recommendation.

Here, I will present definition of Hortatory Exposition Text that usually mentions in the Indonesian English books:

Hortatory exposition is a text which represents the attempt of the writer to have the addressee do something or act in certain way.

That is the simple definition of hortatory exposition text, if you are still difficult to understand this text. Let’s look at the generic structure and language feature ..

Generic structure Hortatory Exposition

  • Thesis

The writer point of view about the topic discussed.

  • Arguments

Series of argument which strengthen the thesis stated before.

  • Recommendation

The writer gives recommendation to the reader.

Purpose of Hortatory Exposition

Hortatory exposition is used to persuade the reader or listener that something should or should not be the case or be done.

Language feature of Hortatory Exposition

  1. Simple present tense
  2. There are several arguments that begin with, firstly, secondly, thirdly ..
  3. It contain recommendation that begins with :

– In my opinion, it’s better …

– I think … should ….

– I think … should be ……

– For these reasons …. should …

Examples of Hortatory Exposition

Why Students Should Eat Breakfast Everyday

THESIS : A lot of people, especially young people, go through the day without having breakfast. Many people believe that it is not necessary, or they say that they don’t have time for that, and begin their day with no meal. I believe that everyone should eat breakfast before going to their activities. The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of breakfast, especially for students.

ARGUMENT 1 :The first reason why you should eat breakfast before going to school is for your health. When you skip breakfast and go to school, you are looking for a disease because it’s not healthy to have an empty stomach all day long. It’s very important to have a meal and not let your stomach work empty. All you are going to get is gastritis and a lot of problems with your health if you don’t eat breakfast.

ARGUMENT 2 :Another reason for eating breakfast is because you need food for to do well in your classes. You body and your brain are not going to function as good as they could because you have no energy and no strength. When you try to learn something and have nothing in your stomach, you are going to have a lot of trouble succeeding. A lot of people think that they should not eat because they are going to feel tired, but that’s not true. Breakfast is not a very big meal, and on the contrary, you’re going to feel tired if you don’t have breakfast because you have spent the entire previous night without food.

ARGUMENT 3: The last reason to have breakfast every day is because you can avoid diseases if you eat some breakfast in the morning. If you don’t eat, you are going to get sick, and these diseases will have a stronger effect on you because you’re going to get sick easier than people who have breakfast every day.

RECOMMENDATION : You have to realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you cannot skip it without consequences for your health, your school and your defense mechanism. It is better to wake up earlier and have a good breakfast that run to school without eating anything. It is time for you to do something for your health, and eating breakfast is the better way to start your day.

Why People Should Exercise

THESIS : In the past, I have never been inclined to participate in sports. Honestly, I didn’t like it, but many persons whom I lived with kept telling me everyday how good it was. Since the peer pressure was growing, I decided to go to the gym. It wasn’t until then that I could really understand people when they said exercise really helped a person get organized and keep yourself in a healthy physically and mentally.

ARGUMENT 1 : For starters, when you are a lazy person, it is difficult to take the first step, but it is all a matter of committing yourself to something that will provide you a lot of positive feedback. Once you start doing exercise and observing positive results, you actually enjoy it. It takes a lot of effort and strong will, but it’s worth it. The principal thing to do is to participate in an activity you like. If you do you’ll start organizing your day in a way that enables you to do everything you have to, including exercising. You will no longer be a person stressed-out without time to carry on with all your activities.

ARGUMENT 2: Second, it is obvious that once you exercise you will have a better condition. You will be healthier in a physical way. It is probable that you will lose weight and your muscles will get stronger and stronger. Your body will feel good, full of energy and it will respond immediately to any action you want to do, any activity that has to be done with high spirits.

ARGUMENT 3: The third reason why exercising is good is that it affects you positively in a mental and psychological way. Doing exercise helps you set specific goals which along with strong will can be achieved. When you do that, you are aware of your abilities, accept your weaknesses, and your self-esteem goes up. Any sport distracts you because it helps you not to think about school, friends, problems, among other things. It brings you time to think about yourself and no one else. It helps you keep your mind busy and to avoid dangerous habits like drugs.

RECOMMENDATION : Doing exercise is very important to any person of any age. The positive effects of exercising, which I’ve already mentioned, are like a chain. Once you do a sports activity that you like, you get organized; therefore, you start doing things the right way and get enormous benefits which make you feel good as a whole human being. You start living your life happily.

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are non-subject education activities and counseling services to assist the development of learners according to their needs, potentials, talents, and interests through activities that are specifically organized by educators and / or educational personnel who are capable and authorized in the school. Extracurricular is highly recommended to be followed by each students because it has a lot of benefits.

The benefits of extracurricular activities are numerous. Students can get useful knowledge. In any selected extra-curricular activities, there are certainly basic knowledge. For example, English Club extracurricular where students can learn the grammar properly and correctly. Another example is forming school bands, it can explore students talent in music so their talents are not buried.

Through extracurricular students can cultivate a sportive spirit in various competitions (eg; basketball or football) whether it is held internally in school or outside the schools. Extracurricular can also teach the students the meaning of organization, even though on a small scale. In that organization, students can learn to be leaders, administrators, or even learn to make an interesting event in an extracurricular exhibition and many more positive things that students can gain by following extracurricular activities.

In order to develop students’ interests and talents, they can choose any extracurricular which suits their ability. However, do not forget to manage the time between academic activities and extracurricular activities.

Character Education For Teenagers

Teenagers is a period experienced by children during junior high. This is a period when transition begins, starting from the age of 10 to 21. At this time period the teenager is looking for their identity. That’s why they should get character education in order to become a generation that is honest, creative, caring, polite, and have self-esteem.

Teenager is a difficult time because it takes more self-control than during the childhood. In this period teenagers need adults to lead them to positive behavior, so they would not be easy affected to negative actions. If the control is good then the teenager can be a child who make their parents proud.

This character education can create successful teenagers. In character education teenagers also been taught religious values ??that can build better personality of the teenagers, so they will grown up as sensitive people in the social environment. In addition, they are also been taught the value of tolerance, love peace and other value of humanity ??in order to form teenagers who love their surrounding.

Thus, positive values ??in character education can lead to create excellent teenagers. They can also compete well at national and international levels. Positive value in character education can also make teenagers activities directed and will have good personality.