100205 Recount Text: Definition, Purposes, Generic Structures, Language Features

Adek-adek pernah jalan jalan, ke kebun binatang atau ke pantai misalnya. Atau mengalami suatu kejadian yang menyenangkan atau menyedihkan, pernah? Cerita mengenai sebuah pengalaman ke suatu tempat, atau mengalami kejadian yang menyedihkan atau menyenangkan itu namanya Recount Text. Jadi recount itu adalah sebuah cerita tentang pengalaman yang dialami seseorang dimasa lampau. Do you understand?

O ya, Biography orang terkenal pun termasuk kedalam jenis teks recount.

  • Definition of Recount Text

Recount text is a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. Its goal is to entertaining or informing the reader.


Recount text is a text which retells event or experiences in the past.

  • Generic Structure of Recount Text
  1. Orientation.

It gives the readers the background information needed to understand the text, such as who was involved, where it happened, and when it happened.

      2. Events

A series of events, ordered in a chronological sequence.

      3. Re-orientation

A personal comment about the event or what happened in the end.

The Characteristics/Language Feature of Recount Text:

  • Using the simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense.
  • Using temporal sequence, e.g. On Saturday. On Monday, On Sunday
  • Focus on specific participant, e.g. I (the writer)
  • Using the conjunctions, such as: then, before, after, etc.
  • Using action verb, e.g. went, stayed

Read the texts carefully

Being Late

This morning, Dinar, my roommate woke up late and she had to go to campus.

When she wanted to take her motorcycle, in fact she couldn’t move it because there were some other motorcycles that blocked up her motorcycle.

She tried to move all of the motorcycles, so that her motorcycle could move from the garage. But she couldn’t do it.

Then, she called Adel whose motorcycle blocked it up. After that, her friend who owned the  motorcycle helped her. Finally, she could move her motorcycle and rode it up to the campus.

A Beautiful Day in Yogja

By Arsianti Dewi

Last week, my friends and I went to Yogja. We visited many places.

First, we visited Parangtritis beach. The sun shone brightly and the scenery was very beautiful there. We felt the wind blew across to us. We also saw a lot of people in that beach. There were many birds flew in the sky. Also, there were many sellers who sold many kinds of souvenirs.

Second, we visited Gembira Loka Zoo. We saw many kinds of animals there such as monkeys, tigers, crocodiles, snakes, etc. We looked around in that Zoo, and also took pictures of those animals. Then, we felt hungry, so we went to a restaurant. As soon as we finished our lunch, we decided to go home.

For me, that was a beautiful day though I could not visit Mallioboro. We really enjoyed it, and I hope I could visit Yogja again.

A Page from A Girl’s Diary

by Pratama Lysa Hapsari

It was takbiran night. It was also my birthday, and nothing happened. Or I had thought nothing would happen, but I was wrong.

That night, I was watching television with my family when I heard someone lit fireworks in my front yard. I peeped through my window glass but could see nothing. It was very dark outside. Then I thought it had to be my cousins who lit the fireworks. Then I plopped down on my sofa again and tried to concentrate on the television since my mind raced with disappointment that no one gave something special on my birthday.

I shrugged, it was almost the end of the day and I became pessimist. Five minutes later my mobile beeped. It was a text from my friend asking me to come out. Wondering what was going on, I grabbed my jacket and hurried to the front door. I was surprised to see her bring a bag full of firework and fire drills. Next I was surprised to see my other friend come out from the darkness. She brought a beautiful birthday cake on her hands. Oh my God! I shrieked. Then they gave the cake to me who was too stunned to say anything. I realized I was blushing furiously because my whole family was watching. Not to mention my neighbors too!

A plain day, or I thought it was before, turned out to be one of the greatest moment in my life. I didn’t even know how to describe what I felt. Happy was the simplest word.